Every now and then, you come upon something remarkable. Right here in the Bay, there exists a complex for photographers and models that is full of wonder and opportunity.

We start with a 4,000 square foot studio that offers rentals, classes, workshops and more. Photography and videography services are available for clients of all sizes. We have state of the art editing facilities for both still photography and video. You can work with world class photographers and film-makers.

In the studio, we offer three cycloramas, two white and one black. We have a cyclorama large enough to shoot a car, motorcycle or boat. Sixteen sets ranging from practical rooms up to wet sets, including a working Jacuzzi. The creative possibilities are endless.


For models we have a series of free seminars to make you successful. When you are ready to work, we have paid modeling opportunities every week.

Explore the site, explore the wonder!


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Group Photo Shoots is the largest producer of photography events in the United States, perhaps the world. We put on over 150 organized photo shoots and workshops every year. Our shoots range from fashion to glamour, studio to location. Our classes cover everything from the basics of photography to the most sophisticated lighting and techniques.